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Here is what the industry has to say about the Jewellery Show.

"It will almost be 3 years that the UK will not have a significant jewellery trade show - We hope that the whole of the jewellery industry , designers , suppliers  and stores will get behind this new and exciting show , and it will become the staple , go to jewellery event for years to come.”

Heath Reeves, Director, Reeves & Reeves

“It’s important to be seen at a trade show that’s targeted for the whole of the UK. Therefore, we are exhibiting to show our support for the industry, as well as to show new customers what we have.”

Cam Gillies, Executive Vice President, Sales, Corona Jewellery

“Exhibiting at the Jewellery Show, London will give us a chance to demonstrate and showcase what we’ve been doing around the world at other major trade shows. Exciting time for the UK jewellery trade industry.”

Eugen Lang, Area Sales Manager, Breuning GmBH

Goodman Bros attach a great value to attend the show as it offers opportunity to spend quality time with retailers out of their busy stores.  Here, we can engage with them, demonstrate our products and services as well as introduce new products and initiatives.

Now more than ever, the challenge is to get customers into the stores. Clients need to be enticed by the expectation of good service or a beneficial, enjoyable experience. At the JS our aim is for the retailer to become the consumer and experience our brands in a different way by feeling the impact our world leading service brands can have on their businesses.

The complimentary ear-piercing offered at the Inverness Piercing Lounge (stand G69) is an example of how easily and effectively an ear-piercing location can be created in your store. Piercing is a service which can only be done in-store which makes it a great footfall driver. Besides the additional turnover from piercing there are numerous other obvious advantages including that the consumer generally replaces the piercing earrings at the same store.

We look forward to seeing many existing and new customers at The Jewellery Show so that we can inspire them with our innovations.

Philip Goodman, Managing Director, Goodman Bros

“2022 is already feeling busy and exciting for us at Mesmeric Distribution as we plan our year with a variety of events and commitments. We are delighted to be exhibiting with TI SENTO - Milano at The Jewellery Show, being held at ExCeL on the 5th and 6th September. 

This show gives us the opportunity to present the TI SENTO - Milano Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection in a full show format to both new and existing retailers at an important buying time of the year. We believe this is a good business decision to be involved with this show and it was an easy decision to make as there has traditionally always been a “London Show” in September and it feels like some normality is resuming.

Judith Lockwood, Founder - Mesmeric Distribution Ltd - TI SENTO - Milano UK Distributor

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