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Shohista Turdiyeva

Shohista Turdiyeva

Director, Jewellery Pursuer Ltd
The JEWELLERY PURSUER is an online magazine dedicated to fine, high and antique jewellery, established by Shohista Turdiyeva in 2017. With her in-depth knowledge, reinforced by retail experience, qualified marketing specialist and over 8 years working in the jewellery industry Shohista Turdiyeva has established herself as a jewellery influencer famous for her show-stopping jewellery looks. Shohista has also completed her Diamond Grading Course with IIG India. Jewellery Pursuer’s mission is to promote and educate about jewellery online freshly and originally, creating a desire within our followers for pieces featured. Jewellery Pursuer seeks a soul and connection between beautiful creative minds, fashion, beauty, gems and fine jewellery blogs that document her experiences, beauty secrets and everything it surrounds. JEWELLERY PURSUER seeks to create high-quality online content for jewellery brands she works with, complemented by creative styling, and to share her authentic first-hand experiences with JEWELLERY PURSUER followers.

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