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Scarlett Antonia Clauss

Scarlett Antonia Clauss

Vice Director, Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH
Scarlett Clauss is Vice Director at the German Osmium Institute, the leading organization to internationally introduce the rarest metal, osmium in its crystalline form. Her fascination with this ‘Sunshine Element’ let her to make a significant career shift, becoming one of the earliest team members to work with crystalline osmium. Since assuming the role of Vice Director in 2019, Scarlett has been leading the international team responsible for establishing standardized, secure and reliable crystalline osmium trade across global markets. Driven by her deep passion for crystalline osmium and inspired by the untapped potential in the jewelry industry, Scarlett also founded Oslery. This company, derived its name from OSmium and jewelRY, initially specialized in crafting high-end, bespoke osmium pieces. Over time, Oslery has evolved into the official partner of the Osmium Institute for all crystalline osmium-related jewelry and luxury applications. In her dual roles, Scarlett extensively travels the world, showcasing osmium at exhibitions and trade fairs. With her profound expertise in crystalline osmium processing, she leads the inlay cutting division for manufacturers and provides training to jewelry professionals as well.

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