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Klemens Link

Director, Provenance Proof
Klemens has an Earth science background and is passionate about transforming technology-based visions into true-life applications. In the past, he headed the R&D in the Gübelin Gem Lab, one of the world’s most renowned gemstone laboratories. Today Klemens leads Provenance Proof, an independent, young company in the house of Gübelin, which has the mission to enable proven and technology based trackability of gemstones and jewellery items through the entire supply chain to enhance the transparency in the industry. Klemens is absolutely convinced that provable transparency and traceability empowers trust, sustainability and fairness in the entire gem and jewellery industry and that consumers have a well-founded interest to learn more on the story behind the jewellery they desire. In his vision, all stakeholders should have the possibility to join the path of transparency and Provenance Proof is the tool for them to access it. Provenance Proof products and services add value to every jewellery piece and gemstone.

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