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Kira Høg Kampmann

Kira Høg Kampmann

Founder, Marc'Harit
Kira Høg Kampmann is the founder of the Danish pearl supplier company Marc’Harit. As 21-years-old she sailed the South Pacific Ocean and found her passion for pearls on a small atoll in French Polynesia. With an interest in marine biology she was dragged into the world of pearls. It was love at first sight between Kira and the Tahiti cultured pearl and she settled in Tahiti for some years and learned all about pearl farming and grading of pearls. Kira made it her mission to present the Tahiti cultured pearl to the world and during her stay in French Polynesia, Kira evolved and became the pearl specialist she is today. It’s important to Kira to strive towards more sustainable pearls, pearls farmed with respect for both people and the environment. Kira’s passion and expertise is the DNA of Marc’Harit. Today Marc’Harit deliver pearls to jewellers, designers, and manufacturers all around the world.

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