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Jayant Raniga

Jayant Raniga

Chief Executive Officer, PureJewels by Bhanji Gokaldas
Jayant has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for working in the luxury goods and fine jewellery industry. He has a strong love for the art and history of jewellery design and manufacturing. Jayant is committed to develop the first British Asian luxury fine jewellery brand, with a heritage of over nine generations. His vision is to celebrate, empower and share journeys with the luxury and warmth of purity and support traditional craftsmanship that time might forget. Jayant combines strong market knowledge and regularly speaks at conferences internationally. His collaborative approach, a passion for craftsmanship and brand story telling makes him approachable as a mentor for many in the industry. He is also actively looking at improving the sustainability of the trade by working directly with artisans and carefully choosing partners who share his values on ethical sourcing. PureJewels by Bhanji Gokaldas are the 2019 winners for ‘E-Business’ and 2021 winners of ‘Best Innovation in business’ Newham London Chamber of Business Awards.

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