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Professional Jeweller

Professional Jeweller

Professional Jeweller is your one-stop source for breaking news, comment, trading insight and buying inspiration, serving the multi-billion pound British Jewellery industry.

The monthly magazine, daily email newsletter and website provide the latest global jewellery trends; expert business advice from retailers, wholesalers and designers; facts and figures on the state of the industry; and a forum in which all opinions can be aired and heard.

Professional Jeweller is an invaluable partner to anybody with an interest in profiting from the sale of jewellery and watches. Covering the entire supply chain from gold and diamond mines to independent retailers, they are constantly uncovering business models and ideas that you can tap for profit.

With a UK focus but a global outlook, reaches out across the world to forge connections between low-cost manufacturers in China, gold specialists in India, brokers in Belgium, bespoke manufacturers in Birmingham and luxury designers throughout the world.

They have taken a fresh approach to circulation, cutting down the barriers to essential business information by making the magazine and website content free to all industry professionals. Each month their magazine is posted to 5,000 key influencers in the UK jewellery and watch industry, ensuring their messages are received by those who matter.

To keep their readers informed between issues, is packed with vital breaking news, information and analysis updated around the clock and promoted to jewellery executives via e-mail and mobile phone news alerts.

Professional Jeweller is a multiple-media, multichannel brand for the modern jewellery industry.

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Jewel Ads

Jewel Ads

Our partnership with the Jewellery Show is a seamless collaboration between online and offline services to support, improve and build brands within the jewellery trade.

Jewel Ads is the online platform to 'Find & Be Found' in the jewellery trade. A user-friendly digital marketing space for retail jewellers to find trade suppliers via a simple and convenient online service.

Jewel Ads has partnered with the Jewellery Show to help promote the show itself and the exhibitors to drive visitors to the supplier's stand. Jewel Ads holds six online shows per year and has a searchable trade directory with lookbooks. By working with Jewel Ads, the Jewellery Show and its exhibitors get consistent exposure throughout the year, continually bringing benefits from one year to the next. 

For retail jewellers and buyers, it's a convenient service and the go-to place to find contact details and new suppliers and service providers; create you're own "Blackbook", as one member said.

For suppliers, it's a cost-effective digital promotion and marketing space that provides a unique service and a simple onboarding process; complete an online form, and Jewel Ads takes over all the artwork of videos, lookbook, directory, digital brochure, setup and marketing. So, you can confidently focus on sales and rest easy knowing that Jewel Ads has everything else covered.

Jewel Ads is the platform to 'Find & Be Found' the world over. 

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Jewellery Outlook

Jewellery Outlook

Jewellery Outlook is a global digital jewellery trade magazine and jewellery, diamond and gemstone news website, based in the UK, reporting on international trade fairs, brands and suppliers, auctions, manufacturing, labs, and jewellery design trends.

They showcase the work of up-and-coming jewellery designers, as well as the latest collections of brands.

They provide jewellery, diamond and gemstone news, analysis and market commentary, as well as features, interviews, blogs, video clips and guest columns.

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Responsible Jewellery Council

Responsible Jewellery Council 

RJC is the world’s leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.

Their vision is a responsible world-wide supply chain that promotes trust in the global jewellery and watch industry.

Founded in 2005, by 14 member organisations (ABN AMRO, BHP Billiton Diamonds, Cartier, World Jewellery Confederation, Diamond Trading Company (part of De Beers Group), Diarough, Jewelers of America, National Association of Goldsmiths (UK), Newmont Mining, Rio Tinto, Rosy Blue, Signet Group, Tiffany & Co., and Zale Corporation), They are the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the watch and jewellery industry.  

Jewellery plays a special role in people’s lives, carrying personal and emotional significance. We bring together over 1700 companies of all sizes, across the global watch and jewellery supply chain, from retail to mining. 

What unites everyone is their shared belief that responsible business, without causing harm to people or the planet, is good business and that this can only be achieved by working together, in partnership with others. 

In doing so, they are enhancing trust in the global jewellery and watch industry and underpinning its future, so people continue to hold jewellery close to their hearts for centuries to come.

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