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Vintage Trading Solutions

Stand: D10
  • Fine jewellery
  • Loose gem stones
  • Marketing your business
  • Silver jewellery
  • Watches

Firstly, inline with our vision we are aiming to be the first choice for buying pre-loved and vintage products.

We have one of the UK's largest in-house antique generalists and specialists, together spanning over several generations and have also been selling to B2B businesses for 7 years. 

With increasing demand in pre-loved products and business goals around sustainability, Vintage Trading Solutions is an established operational model and supply chain for multiple businesses and retail models.

Our services include: bulk purchasing for wholesale buyers, brand recycle service management and supply and fulfilment of a pre-loved range through a drop ship model.


Vintage Trading Solutions
overland park, gelerd road
Overland Park, Gelderd Road
United Kingdom



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