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Drakon CAD Software

Stand: L52
  • Bridal jewellery
  • Fine jewellery
  • Design-led jewellery
  • New designers
  • Technology
  • Tools and equipment
Drakon CAD Software

Drakon is a comprehensive Rhino and Grasshopper Plug-in that caters to your design requirements in a fast and intuitive manner. Intelligent models allow for seamless user interaction and adjustments without compromising the design. It simplifies the modelling process and eliminates repetitive tasks. Detailed material descriptions aid in manufacturing preparations and sales assistance. Drakon combines versatile Jewellery Builders with an Interactive Gallery, offering premeditated components for a complete final piece. Its controls provide precise adjustments for weight, measurements, gem quantities, and sizes. Ultimately, it delivers the perfect render for display, ensuring optimal results at every step.


United Kingdom



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