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01 Apr 2024

Sterling Silver Turquoise Swallow Necklace

Néa Iméra Jewellery Stand: K24

Turquoise stone

Known as the stone of purification, dispelling negative energy, opening up the heart and clearing negative thoughts. The stone has been used to help those dealing with depression and anxiety by eliminating both emotional and physical exhaustion by healing the emotional wounds.

The stone has been linked to designating the throat and third eye chakras due to the unique vibrations radiated by the turquoise stone.

Moonstone symbolysis Wisdom and fertility such as new beginnings, intuition and inner wisdom. This is a new age belief due to the association with the moon and lunar cycles in crystal healing.

Product Specification

Sterling Silver Chain and Pendant, Nea Imera Tag

Chain Length: 16" with 2" extendex 0.11" (8mm x 10mm x 3mm)

Turquoise Stone Body

Moonstone Swallow eye

Swarovski gem 


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