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01 Apr 2024

Sterling Silver Moonstone & Rose Quartz ring

Néa Iméra Jewellery Stand: K24

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is know for its healing properties and harmony to oneself, making it the perfect gift for someone who is going through a difficult time or wear for personal inner peace

Attached to the heart and the throat chakra responsible responsible for self-expression, communication and your ability to speak the truth. The stone of unconditional love, restores the trust and harmony in ones life and relationships, encouraging connection and positive energy. 

Rose Quartz helps Libra's to balance their feelings, with links to the Taurus zodiac.


Moonstone symbolysis Wisdom and fertility such as new beginnings, intuition and inner wisdom. This is a new age belief due to the association with the moon and lunar cycles in crystal healing.

Product Description

Sterling silver ring

Moonstone 7mm,

Swarovski Gems 4x2mm

Leaf shaped Rose Quartz


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