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12 Sep 2023

Show Deals

GVUK Design Stand: D32
Show Deals
Lasers to CAD and 3D Printers, lab-diamond detectors and scanners
GVUK Exclusive show deals
  • 6-months free subscription on the Yehuda Lab-Diamond detectors
  • 10% off Gemvision’s MatrixGold and CounterSketch CAD jewellery design software
  • £10,500 off the ETEC Vida cDLM fast wax 3D printer
  • £1,500 off the ETEC  D4K Pro 3D printer Now £8,500 
  • £500 off the Thunk3D jewellery scanner Now £4,000
  • A free service and extended warranty on the Coherent laser welders –
    • Saves £900 off the Desktop and £1,200 off the Performance

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