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How to run the perfect jewellery store

We are so happy to finally unveil our 2022 seminar programme, which is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to run a successful jewellery store.Covering a wide range of topics with an incredible line-up of speakers and panel debates spread over the two days of the Jewellery Show on 5th & 6th September.

Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Vs Mined Diamonds

The debate of lab-growns vs mined stones has been ongoing for decades. When will we finally be able to put this debate to rest? We’ve assembled a panel of experts who have been involved in the industry for over 30 years and are ready to answer your questions.

What Is Ethical And Sustainable Jewellery? An Industry Deep-Dive

With an increasing push for ethically-sourced jewellery, more and more companies are coming up with their own definition of what "ethical" means. This is great for consumers, but what does it mean for the industry? A panel of sustainability experts will discuss and also explore how to engage with climate action.

Social Media Content Ideas For Jewellers

Knowing what your company stands for and how to communicate that to the world will make sure you stand out from the competition and get noticed. During our seminar programme we will delve deeper with the number 1 Jewellery social media influencer to help you establish your company’s identity.

At the Jewellery Show we take pride in our runway show. As industry experts, we want to create an immersive and interactive environment for retailers. The runway will be a vibrant and must-see part of the jewellery show. It will provide the audience with key seasonal trends, close ups and real takeaways for retailers to utilise right away within their stores so they can increase sales, customer engagement and profit margins.

The runway will showcase 12 pieces per show, each of which is representative of a major jewellery trend for the season and will be exhibited in an array of different styles – from minimalistic to statement making.

The jewellery industry will come together at ExCeL, London on the 5th & 6th September for the largest UK trade event of the year. Join us to be inspired, learn and trade.

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