About CloserStill Media

“It makes sense to have an experienced organiser to run an event of this nature”

Andrew Morton of Domino

Run by Closer Still Media, one of the world’s fastest-growing exhibition businesses. CloserStill promise to bring their award-winning trade show formulas to the Jewellery sector.

Specialists in markets where the independents are key. CloserStill are champions in multiple industries including pharmacy, veterinary, dentistry, technology and healthcare. CloserStill operates in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, Colne, Madrid, Barcelona & Singapore.

CloserStill Media have won more awards for their launches and exhibitions than any three other organisers combined in the last decade. More than twenty major awards including best new exhibition, best trade show and best marketing. As well as being recognized by the Association of Exhibition Organisers as the Most Respected events company.

They are also recognised by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe and by the Sunday Times as one of the best UK employers and for the last seven years as one of the top 200 UK companies in terms of international sales. Our major events include the UK Pharmacy Show for retail pharmacists, the London Vet Show, Ecommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing. Our track record is of working closely with the markets we serve and delivering the best events for those markets.

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Since 2010, CloserStill Media have won more Awards than any other company in the Exhibition Industry


The two most contested awards: 7 'Best Trade Show Awards' in the last 7 years and 8 'Best Marketing Campaign/Marketer Awards' in the last 8 years


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